Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Welcome to the UK web portal for information, advice and support on Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The following pages are set out to introduce and guide you through the range of information now available and is being developed to assist everyone from new users through to more advanced professionals.

In addition to these pages, further guidance about implementing an EMS and making your organisation more sustainable can be found on the Government's main portal of practical advice for business - see Business Link Network under Further Links

IEMA has been designated by the Government as the Competent Body for the EU EMAS Regulation in the UK.

EMS News - if you have any news that you would like included, please forward it to acorn@iema.net.

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We expect that the UK will give formal notice under Article 50 of the EU Treaty that it intends to leave the EU, at which point there would be a period of two years within which the UK will negotiate and seek agreement of the terms of its withdrawal.  During that period, the UK will remain an EU member and therefore your registration would continue to be unaffected.

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