Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Phase 2 - Identifying & Ensuring Compliance with Legal, and other Requirements

Phase Two aims to help you identify relevant environmental legal and other requirements and develop and implement controls measures to ensure continued compliance with these requirements on an ongoing basis.

Main Requirements

  • Identify applicable environmental legislation
  • Identify any other environmental requirements that apply to you (including codes of practice, industry standards, voluntary agreements, internal management requirements, and contractual requirements)
  • Identify where and how exactly these requirements apply within the organisation
  • Check the actual level of compliance with the requirements throughout the organisation, identifying areas of non-compliance and the effectiveness of controls in ensuring compliance
  • Develop and implement action plans to address non-compliance situations and strengthen controls
  • Develop and implement operational control procedures, emergency response procedures, and relevant training programmes
  • Develop compliance indicators
  • Continue the process of organisational culture change and environmental performance improvement

Identifying what environmental laws and regulations apply to your organisation can be a daunting task. Luckily, help is at hand from NETREGS, a web based tool developed and run by the UK’s environmental regulations. NETREGS is designed to help you know what environmental laws and regulations apply to you and what you need to do to comply. Click here to find out more NETREGS Website.

The BS 8555 standard ‘BS 8555:2003: Environmental Management System. Guide to the phased implementation of an environmental management system including the use of environmental performance evaluation’ is available through our online shop.

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