Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Phase 3 - Developing Objectives, Targets and Programmes

Phase three aims to establish the core elements of a functional EMS and develop a structured framework for ongoing systematic environmental management and performance improvement.

Main Requirements

  • Refine the aspects & impacts developed in the initial (Phase1) baseline assessment
  • Develop and apply an approach for assessing the significance of aspects, appropriate for the nature and scale of the organisation
  • Finalise the environmental policy, checking that aspects identified as being significant are addressed within it
  • Develop objectives and targets for performance improvement, which support the policy commitments and address significant aspects and impacts
  • Identify and implement environmental performance indicators to help track progress against specified objectives and targets
  • Define environmental management programmes with designated responsibilities, timescales and resource requirements for meeting stated objectives and targets
  • Establish effective operational control procedures in response to the assessment of significance
  • Communicate the finalized policy, objectives, targets, indicators, and management plans as required and provide any necessary training, information and support for their implementation
  • Continue the process of organisational culture change and training

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