Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Phase 4 - Implementation and Operation of the Environmental Management System

Phase Four aims to enhance the management elements of the EMS to support effective ongoing operation, and to ensure that changes that affect the organisation can be integrated into the system without causing any drops in performance. This Phase also helps to address specific requirements of ISO14001 / EMAS.

Main Requirements

  • Define the environmental management structure, assigning roles & responsibilities with respect to the EMS
  • Define the relationships and interactions between different elements of the EMS
  • Structure the training and awareness raising programmes, and implement processes for identifying training needs and planning training delivery and review
  • Establish clear communication practices and processes internally and externally if so decided
  • Implement effective documentation, including control and record keeping systems
  • Review and test environmental emergency preparedness and response procedures
  • Develop management performance indicators to identify the effectiveness of the EMS in operation

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