Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Phase 5- Checking, Audit and Review

Phase 5 introduces the discipline of auditing the EMS and undertaking a management review. This will close the continual improvement loop for the organisation’s environmental performance, and bring them into line with the full requirements of ISO14001/ EMAS. As part of this Phase, the organisation will:

  • Establish internal EMS audit procedures, programmes, and competence. (NB. These are in addition to the 'Phase Audits' that would have taken place at the end of each implementation Phase).
  • Ensure that audit findings are communicated and reviewed by management
  • Establish corrective and preventative action procedures, both in relation to audits and other areas of the organisation as required
  • Implement periodic management reviews to assess progress against stated objectives and targets, environmental performance, and the performance and suitability of the EMS itself
  • Focus on continual improvement initiatives that take the organisation forward to meeting their policy commitments

At the end of Phase 5, the organisation should have a fully functional EMS in place. The organisation will then be in a good position to be assessed against the requirements of ISO14001 or the management system requirements of the EMAS regulation.

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