Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Phase 6 - Environmental management system acknowledgement

For organisations looking to gain recognition for their EMS to either EMAS registration or ISO14001 accreditation, phase 6 outlines the preparatory stages for such work in detail.

Stage 1 focuses on preparing for external assessment against ISO14001. Stage2-6 inclusive, concentrates more closely on environmental performance and the communication of information.

As part of this final stage, the organisation will where appropriate:-

  • Provide evidence that the EMS has been implemented and managed prior to a final certification audit against all the requirements of ISO14001. An organisation will also have conducted a full internal environmental audit and at least one comprehensive management review
  • Undertake review of baseline assessment, environmental aspects, legal compliance, employee involvement, environmental policy and audits to confirm they meet the requirements of EMAS.
  • Assess the environmental performance evaluation (EPE) system developed through phase1-5 to ensure that the data collected and information produced is sufficient for external use and/or verification as part of EMAS
  • Produce an ‘environmental statement’ in accordance with EMAS requirements

The phase 6 achievement criterion is partly optional depending upon whether the organisation is pursuing:-

  • 3rd party certification against ISO14001
  • Registration under the European EMAS regulation or;
  • Reassurance for customers and other stakeholders through external communication and reporting of performance information

The BS 8555 standard ‘BS 8555:2003: Environmental Management System. Guide to the phased implementation of an environmental management system including the use of environmental performance evaluation’ and BS EN ISO 14001:2004: EMS Requirements with guidance for use are available through the online shop.

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