Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Assessment Tool

remas survey screen Any business or organisation wishing to assess its position on EMS can use the (free) on line assessment tool compiled for the Remas initiative. Although the main Remas survey is now complete, the assessment tool is currently still available for any business to use. Completing the survey can take some time – but the site does allow businesses to compile and complete their entry over a period (users can re-visit and gradually complete). On completion your business will receive a percentage score and you will also be able to receive a break down of your responses. Link to REMAS assessment tool - http://remas.academe.co.uk/content/join.htm or directly here.

Background to Remas - The Environment Agency carried out a study (remas) into the benefits of environmental management systems in the context of regulation. The study examines the performance of industrial sites regulated by IPPC and compares those that have a robust EMS with those that do not have an EMS. More information about remas, including newsletters, participating companies and the preliminary results of the study can be obtained from the remas website - http://remas.academe.co.uk/.

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