Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Dialogue and Reporting

EMAS logo EMAS is all about improving environmental performance and communicating your results. Communication and dialogue are two-way processes: in EMAS this means being able to respond to the information needs of your stakeholders and reporting information on your environmental performance to fulfil their needs.

EMAS recognises that good quality, reliable and targeted information is essential in this respect – the EMAS logo represents a seal of reliability on the information that is presented with it. All EMAS registered organisations must produce a body of environmental information in the form of an environmental statement that has been independently validated. However, they can also use extracts of this information to target different interested parties: shareholders; customers; environmental regulators; neighbours, all have different information needs – EMAS allows information to be targeted at these and to be ‘badged’ with the EMAS logo.

The scheme also allows the EMAS logo to be used in adverts with information on the environmental attributes of products and services – ‘validated green claims’.