Environmental Management Systems – Your A – Z guide

Defra - Acknowledgement Page

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has supported the development of this web resource. The aim is to help build and establish a single comprehensive source of information on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) providing guidance and explanation, and bringing together information on schemes and standards. Objectives include:

  • to develop a central/primary site on the internet for anyone interested in EMS
  • to operate an EMS portal from which other sites containing complimentary and supplementary information can be accessed
  • to develop a comprehensive source of information on those organisations involved in external certification or registration (either certified/registered organisations, or certifiers/verifiers/inspection bodies) or providing other EMS related services
  • to assist those implementing EMSs with problem solving through the direct provision of information or signposting the availability of information elsewhere
  • to assist those wishing to implement an EMS with the tools and information required to get started

The Defra web pages on environmental protection includes a downloadable copy of the Defra position statement on Environmental Management Systems.

The Business Link web site provides the Government's main portal of information about business resource efficiency, including guidance on setting up an EMS.